Sunday, November 18, 2007

Santas and more Santas

So sorry I haven't blogged in a while..I have been busy making more Santas. I had orders to fill and I'm so glad I'm done with them. I don't really like to take orders but will on "Santas".

I have two more baskets finished.. So far that is a total of 4 baskets.. The Santas look great with their pine baskets.
Speaking of Santas again, Someone e-mailed me about the Santa that I have on ebay.. They wanted to offer me $225.00 plus shipping.. I just can't to let him go for that.I worked my tail off on him.. If I get an offer for $275.00 or $300.00 then I'll sell it.
I have a Santa finished and ready to list but not sure if or then I'll get it on e-bay. I thought about putting it on my website ( ebay fees run right at $100.00 a month. Now that is sad!

I hope ya'll have a great day!
Many Blessings, Mae

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