Sunday, February 17, 2008

Good Morning all,
Thanks for the prayers!
My mom is out of the hospital and is doing as well as she can be for a person needing a liver transplant. As for myself, I had some kind of bug that was going around but I'm doing just fine now. Thank goodness I didn't get as sick as Danny did. He has been sick for right at two weeks now. He just went back to work two days ago and is off again for 4 days.

Also here is a update on Daddy Joe, He is doing really good right now and is still at home. He will not be going into the nursing home any time soon. My ex husband said he was going to take care of him and hire a lady to come and stay with him while my ex husband works. My daughter (Julia) does go over to her Grandpas house, She cooks and cleans. She does a wonderful Job and gives him great company to boot.

Last Sunday, I sold my car. I didn't get a ton for it but the silly thing didn't run half the time. I just hated to sell it but I believe it was in the shop more than it was ever drove. For the last 1 1/2 only having one car running was a nightmare. Always one of the cars was in shop getting fixed and always leaving Danny with one car to drive and me None. So I added money with the money I got from my car and bought me a Car. Nothing fancy, just a car good on gas. I'm just tickled to call it mine. My Mom said, What is Danny going to get this car too? I said no, He said this was my car. He has two cars both are buicks, One is a Park Ave. and the other is a Regal.

Tomorrow I am going to look for a Job. It's been 7 years sense I worked a real job. The last Job I had, Danny was always saying I there were too many men that came in there and I needed to quit. FYI, It was (Sam's warehouse) Men, Women, children (families)came in there. Oh well maybe I'll get a job that we both can agree on. I still plan on making dolls in my off time.

Speaking of dolls, I have a few dolls that I should be listing today or tomorrow.

One is a tiny Pink fairy(not Primitive).She is made of clay and is only 2 inches tall, really too cute!
The other doll is primitive for(St. Patty's day)maybe? Her face is made of paper clay,and has glass eyes. Her dress is made from a real flour sack. Sorry i couldn't dirty the flour sack up, it was kept so nice and pretty for all these years, I just couldn't.
I'll post some pictures of them soon.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your new car. Do you have a day job now? When will you have time to make dolls with your busy life?

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