Monday, March 3, 2008

Last night, before the storms moved in it was 69 degrees and within 30 minutes it dropped 20 degrees.

The storms brought us rain but nasty hail. The hail was only pea and quarter size, Thank God! My husband was at work at the prison when it hit. His car took a beating. So that means sometime today he'll have to meet with the insurance company. Boy oh boy, doesn't that sound like fun?!lol

This morning, it's raining and within a hour or so we will have snow. In Texas we have a saying.. " if you don't like the weather today, just stick around it will change by tomorrow". And that quote is really living up to it's
For those who don't know, I really dislike the cold weather.
I only say dislike because of my grandmother( bless her heart), She always said God doesn't want us to hate anyone or anything. So I say I strongly dislike the cold
Believe it or not,I don't have any plans. I listed my Alice in Wonderland last night on e-bay but didn't get mad hatter listed because of the storms. I'll try to list my Mad hatter sometime tonight as well as a little fairy.

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