Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sorry for not blogging

So sorry I haven't been able to blog this last month or so.

I left my husband and I'm filing for a Divorce.

I was a faithful and a very devoted wife for 8 years. I really wanted the marriage to work and beileve if I tried hard enough ,it would.

But as I've come to realize it couldn't be onesided and Now I know it always has been.

"Me" always trying to keep us together at all cost, even if it meant losing myself in that process.

"Me" always trying to pay for "other people sins" through our marriage.
Other people sins as in, his ex-wife cheated on him and so I had to deal with that on a daily basis.

"Me" always having to hear "If you don't like it theres the door" atleast twice a week for 8 years.

"Me" always having to hear "Tell your boyfriend he'd better be gone before I get home" and I heard this almost everyday for the last 8 years. Or "have you been hanging out with your boyfriend"?

"Him" always trying to control me. At one point he had went as far as to tell me what time I had to go to bed and lights were out at that time.

Oh and I could go on and on but I will not because this isn't a bashing contest.

Now please don't take this wrong but When our marriage was good it was great but when it was bad it was just down right rotten.

In this last month so many things have been said by him that were VERY Untrue and so very hurtful.

I never been called all those hurtful curse words in my whole life until now.
You know they say words can never hurt you but they are wrong, they do cut deep within the heart.
I never even thought of calling him any names and nor would I... I'm not into belittling someone I loved with ugly curse words, really shows no respect once this is done.

You know you can't take them back after they been said.. It's not like you can say, Can I have that "B" word back and I also take that "H" word back as well.

Just so everyone knows,I don't wish him any ill will now or ever. I hopes he lives a happy and long life. I know he deserves to be happy and I'll be praying that he'll have prosperous and blissful life!

And with that said Please bare with me as I try to pick up the pieces.

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