Monday, November 5, 2007

Making a basket for Santa

Wow, you know I must be crazy or something. Sometimes I shouldn't think so hard or follow through with my silly thoughts.. And here is just one of those times...

I was thinking about how great Santa would look with a wonderful basket for his bag.. Well I looked on ebay and didn't see anything that was small enough or anything that I liked..
So I put on my thinking cap, " look out a blonde at work"

I have a pine tree with tons of pine cones and needles. What in the world is a blonde to Well I thought to myself, what A shame I can't make a basket! After all I have never made a basket before.. So I thought how hard can it be, right? Wrong!!!!
A basket from short pine needles, that is just to crazy for me but I did it. Here is just show all of you it can be done and just think it only took my Six LONG hours, no stopping..
The worst Six hours I have ever spent making anything, Or maybe it was because I don't know how to make a basket.. Maybe I need to take a class in basket making 101.

One basket is finished and one to go...
So the Santa that will have the wonderful basket grace his back will be an Awesome Santa!


Anonymous said...

If you will soak your pine needles in warm water for a few minutes, they are much easier to work with and you can even braid them. Basket making is addictive!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I had heard a few years back that you should soak the needles.. But I had no clue why soak the needles or how to make a basket.
Wow, I didn't know you could braid those little silly pine needles... Boy, have I got a alot to learn.

Thank you for your help.. Blessings, Mae

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