Thursday, December 18, 2008

Who needs glasses?

Hi Ya'll.

I ask you... Who needs glasses? Well, Maybe "Me"..

I've been having a bit of trouble seeing things up close.
Letters are running together and getting fuzzy.
Paint colors are running together as well, I couldn't tell brown from black..

I've been thinking maybe it's just eye strain
after all I do a lot of small work, as in "painting", "doll making", "sculpting" and of course "sewing".
Oh and lets not forget those silly headaches that I've been having off and on. Seems the only way those headaches will go away is to close my eyes, as in "Rest my eyes"..

My Daughter "Julia" who is just the sweetest kid, told me last night... "Mom, you're just getting old".. Boy, she is really to kind.. wouldn't you say? lol
Then I replied, why do eyes have to be the first thing to go? Who said you have to get let your eyes go too? After all, Is it written somewhere that I'm not aware of? Is it a rule, I ask you?? lol ....

I believe someone didn't have the right answer so they said it's because "you're old" and that person Okay, sounds good to And wouldn't you know they have been selling it ever since

Well there will be no more wondering for me because I have an appointment with the eye Doctor this morning. I'm sure it can't be that bad after all.. I have/had 20/20 vision up until now..
Julia, again Is so nice... She told me it's not the end of the world if I had to have glasses, no one would call me names or make fun of me...rofl I told her I wasn't worried about that, I'm worried about whats

I'll post later on today and let everybody know If glasses are going to be apart of my every day life.. Joy, Oh joy!...

Blessings, Mae

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